Complains and Appeals

For complaints relating to the policies and procedures of JTAKEN or the conduct of editorial staff, please email the details of the complaint to the Editor-in-Chief or the publisher, The Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia, at
All complaints directed through the correct channels will be acknowledged, and the resolution will be conveyed to the complainant. We value your role in this process and assure you that complaints will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Authors have the right to appeal a decision on their submissions to the journals published by JTAKEN if they believe the decision was unfair. To appeal a decision, please submit a letter detailing the nature of the appeal and indicating why the decision is viewed as unfair.

The editor-in-chief will review all relevant documentation relating to the submission, consult the relevant associate editor or reviewers, and appoint a new reviewer to evaluate the submission before making a decision. The editor-in-chief's decision will be final.